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Lithium Battery All requests by the United States will export dangerous goods packaging, transportation, the United States recently announced that the draft regulations will directly affect China Lithium Battery Exports. Yesterday, "the U.S. lithium battery packaging, shipping TBT notification council" held in Shenzhen Guest House, experts, and enterprises to actively respond and will put forward their own amendments to the draft, as much as possible to reduce and avoid possible trade losses.

The United States to change the lithium battery regulations
It is understood, February 12, 2010, the United States issued by the secretariat WTO lithium battery packaging and transport requirements on the draft regulations TBT notification, to be removed "dangerous substances regulations" in terms of the exemption of small lithium batteries, the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with all lithium batteries. The briefing will increase upon implementation of the lithium-ion battery packaging and transport costs, affect the healthy development of the battery industry and foreign trade.

According Power supply Trade associations relevant information, our annual output of lithium-ion batteries after Japan and South Korea, ranked third in the world. According to statistics, to lithium-ion batteries as the representative of China's secondary battery accounted for 12.5% global market share of lithium-ion battery production in Guangdong accounts for about two-thirds of the country's total production, Shenzhen is China's largest lithium battery production base and export base. Emerged in Shenzhen BYD, BAK, B & K and other leading companies, the top ten in the domestic lithium battery, Shenzhen enterprises accounted for half of the country.

How to reasonably protect their interests? Yesterday, commissioned by the State, by the standards of the Shenzhen Municipal Court notified the contractor of the TBT Council was held in Shenzhen Guest House, Commerce, State Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Communications, China Battery Industry Association, the Air Transport Association, and representatives of key enterprises, some comments on the draft together to form the Government's written comments on behalf of my views, will be submitted to inform the country of issuance, follow-up negotiation as a technical basis, the maximum extent possible to reduce and prevent the possible loss of trade.

"TBT council to" show the Chinese point of view
"Response on foreign trade barriers, we are a passive response from the initial stage, to actively participate in change, that is, to put forward our comments on the draft opinion, to reconsider the issue of the country, in this respect, China's voice and influence is getting stronger. "WTO Secretary of Commerce on behalf of Na Liu introduced the formation of consultative advice, my advice would be on the one hand to comments issued by States in the form of reports to the other, will be transferred to the Chinese ambassador to the United States Embassy United States Government, while also The TBT next briefing to discuss the full expression of the views of the Chinese government and enterprises, for the regulations to minimize the impact of our industry.

AQSIQ director Wang Li Zhou TBT study also introduced, "TBT appraisal technology is become an effective means of dealing with trade." To him, the WTO provides that any WTO / TBT (World Trade Organization Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade) Member States trade in the product introduction of new standards, new regulations, draft regulations must be notified to the Member States, the countries of their product technology introduced new standards, new regulations have comments, suggestions rights in order to eliminate all non- reasonable international trade barriers, establish a rational and fair international trade order and rules. In recent years, about 1,700 each year a number of countries have made public the draft regulations.

Present, China has been actively involved in deliberations of the draft, expressing the voice of the Chinese government and enterprises. It is understood that the draft last year, 200 Chinese comments, in which more than 50 comments to this notification, of which five were accepted. Review the current draft includes the State, the draft key trading countries; and draft related to our key products; related to chemical safety in the draft and so on.

Experts suggest that companies involved from the start

It is understood that the draft released each year, the large number of countries and many sectors, the state can only focus areas, key countries to comment on the draft although some at the national level are not included in the list of priorities comments, but once implemented it will be some industries and regions have a significant impact, this proposal Wang Li Zhou, associations and enterprises from passive acceptance of foreign trade regulations, to play ahead of quantity, time tracking related to the draft, the draft, if that does not produce a fair or on the industry significant impact, through the appropriate channels active response towards the adoption of the draft impact of the introduction of appraisal.
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U.s. Laws And Regulations To Be Amended Lithium - Lithium Battery - Electronics Industry

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